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Funding Progress

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The leaves are turning and pollen counts are high - it must be time for Fall Town Meeting! I took time off from the campaign to prepare for tonight and I'm excited to vote for some of these projects. Let's talk about what's on the Warrant -

  • Collective Bargaining Agreements must be ratified by the body authorized to spend taxpayer resources. In other words, the Superintendent of Schools and his team have been working with the Billerica Federation of Teachers on an agreement. The budget for the School Department FY 22-23 has already factored in many of these costs and was authorized in April by Town Meeting. Since Town Meeting must authorize all spending, we must vote yes to fund their agreement. I will vote yes on Articles 6 and 7. If agreements had been reached for other school employees, police, EMTs, paramedics, or DPW workers I would have voted to fund those agreements. They are still bargaining and I strongly encourage the Superintendent and Town Manager to reduce reliance on contractors and invest in current employees.

  • Capital Investments are important for the services that we all rely upon. Clean water, sewage removal, equipment, and adequate working conditions are essential for modern societies. With a population of 42,000 residents, Billerica's capital expenditures are expensive but necessary. The director of DPW is utilizing fiscally prudent measures and I approve of his plan. Let's hope he is given the support when we vote on the Articles. I will vote yes on Articles 16 - 26.

  • Bylaws must be cleaned up from time to time so I will also vote yes on Articles 29, 31, and 32.

  • Accepted roadways bring in additional Chapter 90 funds to increase the budget for road projects. I support the petitioners in these locations and will vote yes.

  • I have questions about Articles 27, 28, and 33

  • Article 34 will ensure electronic voting is a part of Town Meeting and is more accessible. I strongly support the formation of a permanent committee.

Any questions about my planned votes? I've spent many hours canvassing in Precinct 12 gathering info and talking to residents about what they hope to see in Billerica. I'm also excited to take all my knowledge and experience as a Town Meeting Member to the State House next year. If you want to be part of our campaign for effective leadership, click on 'Events' or send us a message.

*Note as of 10/6/2022, Chapter 90 funds are for roads, Chapter 70 funds are for schools.

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