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Put people at the center of policy

NOTE: The below press release was distributed on July 7 at 6 pm

BILLERICA - Teresa English, Democratic candidate for the 22nd Middlesex District, had the following statement regarding the recently announced cash rebates from the state government that exclude low-income essential workers:

“This rebate check legislation, despite being well-intentioned, has really missed the mark. By setting a minimum threshold of $38,000, our legislature has blocked thousands of tax-paying essential workers and seniors from receiving stimulus payments when they need them most. Working families hit hardest by inflation should be first in line to get help, not last. The legislature must scrap the minimum threshold, now.

As a mom, a teacher, and your next state representative, I’ll fight to ensure that working families in Billerica — and all over our Commonwealth — are front and center of our policy making.”


Teresa English is a mom, a teacher, a veteran, and a Democratic candidate for the 22nd Middlesex District.

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